Albert Bruce Campbell


Arthur Campbell of Jackson Township, New Jersey, passed away in Hamilton, New Jersey, on June 29, 2023. A member of Branch V, he was the son of Forrest and Elizabeth Kodman Campbell. Our condolences go out to the Campbell family.

Metta Lansdale


Metta Tomlinson Lansdale of Traverse City, Michigan, passed away at her home on July 13, 2022. A member of Branch III, Metta was the daughter of John and Metta Virginia Tomlinson Lansdale and the granddaughter of Alma von Rosenberg Tomlinson, late family historian who, amongst her many contributions to the von Rosenberg family, complied the first von Rosenberg book (the blue book). Our condolences go out to the Lansdale family.

Flo Stuart von Rosenberg


Flo Stuart von Rosenberg passed away May 13, 2021. She was the wife of the late Joseph Leslie von Rosenberg, Jr. and a member of Branch I.

2022 Reunion

The 2022 version of the von Rosenberg Family reunion will be held July 15th-17th at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, Texas. It is not too late to join us! See the Spring/Summer 2022 version of the newsletter for more information.

Thomas Benjmain Tomlinson


Thomas Benjamin Tomlinson passed away September 27, 2021. Thomas, the son of Hendley Edgar Tomlinson, Jr. and Marguerite Melfi, was a member of Branch III.

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