Branch I

Flo Stuart von Rosenberg


Flo Stuart von Rosenberg passed away May 13, 2021. She was the wife of the late Joseph Leslie von Rosenberg, Jr. and a member of Branch I.

Robert Lewis Moses, Jr.


Robert Lewis Moses, Jr., passed away on February 1, 2022. Bob, a member of Branch I, was married to the Virginia Ann von Rosenberg Moses, daughter of Joseph Leslie and Jennie Crook von Rosenberg.

Arthur James von Rosenberg


I am way too late adding Arthur's obituary to this blog. For that I offer my sincerest apologies. Arthur was one of the important members of his generation in the family, specifically for his contributions to our understanding of the early part of the history of the von Rosenberg family and in trying to separate fact from fiction. In addition, he was a genuinely kind man who left a big impression on your humble webmaster.

Arthur James von Rosenberg passed away back in October of 2020 and has been deeply missed.

Dallas Ann Barnes

Ann Barnes photo from Facebook 2

We are saddened to report that Dallas Ann Barnes passed away in Mesa, Arizona, on January 2, 2022. Ann was instrumental in furthering our knowledge and understanding of the von Rosenberg family for our generation, the pinnacle of which was her coordination of gathering information for Book III of The Von Rosenberg Family of Texas. She was instrumental in your humble webmaster's entry into the family and association, as well. In the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, she reached out to me after having found my personal family tree web page and invited me to give a talk at the Reunion on the Fallier family. I was hooked on the family and the reunion from then on.

Ann, may you rest in peace.

Her obituary may be found at:

Dora Ann Willis

We are saddened to report the death of Dora Ann Willis, widow of Ross Warren Willis of Branch I. Dora Ann Willis was a long time resident of Montrose, Colorado.

Ross Warren Willis’s von Rosenberg lineage is through his mother as follows; Ross Warren Willis (1921-2013) > Augusta Frances von Rosenberg (1883-1970) > Carl Wilhelm von Rosenberg, Jr. (1850-1918) > Carl Wilhelm von Rosenberg (1821 - 1901) > Peter Carl Johann von Rosenberg.


Hildegard Wupperman Lindsay

Hilde Lindsay passed away on Easter Sunday, 2017. Our condolences to the Lindsay family.

Hilda’s lineage is through her mother: Elisabeth Marie von Rosenberg (1880-1967) > Ernst Johann von Rosenberg (1852-1915) > Carl Wilhelm von Rosenberg (1821 - 1901) > Peter Carl Johann von Rosenberg.

Virginia von Rosenberg Lane


Virginia von Rosenberg Lane passed away on September 10th and was laid to rest in Austin's Capital Parks Cemetery. She was a member of Branch I, the only child of Ralph William von Rosenberg and Eula Irene Myers von Rosenberg. Her obituary can be found at

von Rosenberg and Meeks-Holcomb Wedding Annoucement

Roger & Robin von Rosenberg of Branch I are pleased to announce the marriage of their son, Ross, to Miss Lauren Meeks-Holcomb this past January 23, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.